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The Early 20th Century

In 1897, Johan Olsson and his brother bought a number of detached crofts from what was then the Nolhaga estate. These buildings together became Nolbygård. Over the years, several new buildings have been added. Drängstugan (the Farmhand's cottage), which today is a garage, was built in 1907. The café building itself, then Mangårdsbyggnaden (the Main building), was built in 1911 and a little later, in 1930, the Rättarbostaden (Workers' housing) was built, which is now a private residence. The barn, which now houses Hus till hus (the House to House), was rebuilt in 1933 after the old one burned down.

The Latter Half of the 20th Century

In 1971, the municipality of Alingsås bought the whole of Nolbygård and until the 1990s, the estate was a base for various associations. These were mainly located in the Main Building (now the café building). In 1999, the Hus till hus company began renting the entire Nolbygård from the municipality and in 2006 Hus till hus bought Nolbygård from the municipality.

The 20th Century

During the 2000s, the business was expanded within Nolbygård's Interest Association and other companies that established themselves on the estate. Today, the site is home to Nolbygårds eko kafé och bageri (Nolbygård's Eco-Café and Bakery), Hus till hus (House to House) and Petras redovisning (Petra's Accounting).