Common values at Halt Nolbygård

All activities at Nolbygård and associates, Nolbygårds intresseförening, Hus till hus, Nolbygårds organic bakery & café, Ullabutta sewing, and Petra's accounting, are based on the common values of a sustainable development. We conduct an environmental and climate engaged organisation that wants to take responsibility and contribute to sustainable development. Our business is to be a pioneer in environmental and climate work. We work for regular monitoring and continuous improvement. We run an ecological business with a strong focus on resource conservation and reuse. Halt Nolbygård strives to contribute to sustainable development in all three categories: Ecological sustainability, Social & Cultural sustainability and Economic sustainability
Ecological Sustainability

 We at Halt Nolbygård
  • cherish the natural cycles and seek to ensure a sustainable, healthy and good  living
  •  justify an environmentally and climatically responsible behavior
  • create solutions and clear messages that encourage behavioral change
  •  create new systems, products and services using fewer resources and deliver more
  •  make environmental thinking intuitive and more accessible.

Social & Cultural (humane) life

 We at Halt Nolbygård
  • focus on securing human values ​​such as participation, employment, individual and social development
  • encourage and utilize the collective as well as individual knowledge and creativity from different areas of expertise
  • build bridges between different cultures, contributes to shared understanding across national boundaries and encourages diversity
  • give people hope and tools to find solutions to environmental, economic and human challenges
  • encourage people to change their behavior to reduce environmental impact and increase human well-being for everybody.

Economic sustainability

Halt Nolbygårds  mission is to contribute to sustainable development by using economic methods. The company is operated in a spirit of social entrepreneurship through innovative and entrepreneurial approaches. Economic sustainability as an economic development that does not have negative consequences for the ecological and social sustainability. An increase in economic capital will thus not be at the expense of a decline in natural capital and social capital.

We at Nolbygård
  • visualize and include both short-term and long-term economic benefits by choosing sustainable alternatives
  • create value and opportunities for companies and people that include economic benefits as well as other perspectives that are vital for sustainable development
  • develop and manage products and services that are long lasting and yet economically viable
  • help to question and change the established truths about what is quality of life and prosperity both now and in the future.