OUR Activities

Nolbygårds Interest Association (NGI) has its headquarters at Halt Nolbygård, an old farm in a scenic setting about 2 km from Alingsås city center.

NGI has a distinct legible environmental profile with visions of a sustainable development as their beacon.

NGI was formed in 2002, and has since then an agreement with the Employment Agency in Alingsås, with its purpose to offer meaningful work and internships.

There are several businesses at Nolbygård today, all with a distinct environmental profile.

One company works with building preservation, an accounting/book-keeping company, an organic bakery/café, and a design and sewing studio that works with organic and excess fabric materials.

The participants are offered to work in NGI´s own organisation. This could be working in the garden, carpentry, prop-shop, reconditioning and renovating for the parts of building preservations, and also working in different projects. NGI also cooperates with all the other companies at Nolbygård, and can therefore collaborate with the other companies/operations on site. A part in enriching Halt Nolbygård to a place of Ecological, Social and Economical values. The durability is a beacon of new establishments of companies and businesses.

Some participants have been offered employment at the end of their program, because they added value to NGI and associates.
The participation occurs on the persons own ability to break isolation, to structure their day, to perform meaningful tasks, fellowship with others and to strenghten their self-esteem. The focus is on the well-being and ability of the individual.

The associationcontributes to improve the conditions of all the participants, due to the comprehensive view of NGI and associates. NGI offers support, fellowship, daily activity with aim to prepare the individual for employment on the open labour-market.

NGI is a non-profit association that works for the public good. The participant's activities are conducted between 8AM to 4PM Monday through Friday.

Halt Nolbygård is today a wellknown place and a popular excursion goal in Alingsås.

Head of Activity,
Anders Björkman